Company Overview

PharmaTouch™ is a consulting and technology solution provider formed and dedicated to meet the complex and ever-changing needs that Pharmaceutical and BioPharm companies face in the Compliance Age. The myriad of pressures that these companies now face, from payment tracking to HCP/HCO management, from payment transparency to State and federal reporting requirements, together form a complex web of needs and challenges. Combined with the ever-increasing rate of change in these requirements, the critical imperative now facing these companies demands a corporate commitment to understand, plan, design, and implement organizational and technological solutions to these pressures – and for most companies, a need to find a steady-handed and experienced partner to guide them through these challenges. PharmaTouch™ is that partner, as our experience, capabilities, and technology solutions demonstrate.

PharmaTouch™ was founded through the combination of several smaller firms and groups of consultants who had worked together over many years of shared experience designing and delivering organizational change and technology solutions on a project basis to Pharma and BioPharm companies, specifically in the areas of promotional activity and data capture, promotional tactic operational management, reporting, and integration.

Company News

  • November 1, 2010 – PharmaTouch™ announces WebTouch Rx™ compliance solutions platform – press release here
  • October 15, 2010 – PharmaTouch™ LLC launches, bringing compliance technology platform and strategic data integration services to Pharma industry - press release here

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