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All PharmaTouch solutions have a common goal: to help organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks when it comes to compliance in the pharma, biomedical, and healthcare fields. By helping you to automate compliance activities associated with the Sunshine Act and other regulations, we help you dramatically minimize the administrative burden otherwise required to meet your compliance responsibilities. The result is stronger relationships of trust with regulators – and the freedom to focus more of your energies and resources on the activities that drive success.


PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau

The PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system is a full-scale enterprise-grade solution for speaker bureau providers. A cloud-based configurable workflow and portal platform accessible over a secure Internet connection, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau helps providers and pharma companies document and track all manner of meeting activities, form initial request through reconciliation and aggregate speaker spend reporting, with workflows that are configurable to align with the way your organization operates. Simply start with pre-built templates and components and add the speaker features, functions, documents, and workflows that work for you.

Supporting US State, Federal, and CIA scenarios, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau supports key features including:

  • Speaker Recruitment, Nomination, Contracting, and Eligibility and Cap Management
  • Template-driven Meeting and Event Management, including task, logistics and budget management
  • Client-specific configurability across the platform, allowing suppliers to serve the unique needs of multiple clients in a single platform
  • Automated workflow, including status transitions, document merge creation, and email notification and delivery
  • Out-of-the-box Audit history creation and reporting
  • Deep integration and connectivity with all major third party systems and client-specific master data systems
  • Flexible reporting and analytics



PharmaTouch HCP Screening Portal

The PharmaTouch HCP Screening is a self-service portal that automates activities for screening doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. You can also use PharmaTouch HCP Screening to run background checks and other activities to fully credential physicians and nurses as needed. Deployed in the cloud for easier management and maintenance, this solution includes qualitative analytics to support physician investigator (PI) selections for clinical trials, and automatically generates a full system of record to meet your compliance needs.

Screening Portal Preview


PhamaTouch Automated ETL and Integration

The PharmaTouch Automated ETL and Integration solution supports robust one-way and multi-directional integrations across systems to orchestrate data exchange and workflows. Capable of integrating internal systems and third party solutions, it also supports exception handling and reporting with real-time notifications that allow you to address issues as they arise. You’ll be able to automatically integrate data across pharma organizations and vendors, import and export data in bulk, and analyze data to ensure quality across the enterprise.

Automated ETL and Integration Preview

PharmaTouch Compliant Training
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