Professional Services

Consulting and Support Services

Our consulting and support services fall into three broad categories. First, our strategy consultation services help you to build compliant solutions for speaker bureau management, consultant nomination and tiering, and data governance strategy and implementation. Second, our management consultation services focus on road mapping, SOP development, and process design. Third, our application support services can help you build and maintain specific applications that align with organizational and regulatory requirements to address whatever compliance-related challenge you face.

Compliant Training Services

PharmaTouch understands the challenges you face when it comes to ramping up your organization for compliance – and keeping them informed as regulations evolve. We can help you with on-site or remote training seminars on specific compliance issues facing the pharma, biomedical, and healthcare fields. We can also help you set up a cloud-based portal that keeps the focus on compliance throughout the organization through a game-base system that allows users to consider compliance scenarios and answer questions on how to best respond. If your goal is to build a culture of compliance at your organization, PharmaTouch is ready to help make it happen.

Other Services

Familiar with a wide scope of activities associated with pharma compliance, our experts can also help you in a range of areas such as proposal and RFP writing, project management, vendor selection, and QA consultation. We can also help with OIG and SAM screening. The point is, whatever your need, our experts are there to help.

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