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11/1/16 – PharmaTouch Taps Ellen Derrico for VP of Marketing

Streamlining Speaker Bureau Management, Event Management and Logistics

Chester, PA, September 1, 2016 – PharmaTouch has added Ellen Derrico to its executive leadership team as VP of Marketing. Derrico is a results-oriented 30-year veteran with an IT focus on the pharma, bio-tech, and healthcare industries. She brings to the table deep industry experience and a history of thought leadership on the need for better security and compliance in these industries.

Derrico has broad business experience with fortune 500 companies and a technical background in multiple STEM industries. “Ellen understands the challenges facing organizations on the security and compliance front and with her work founding life sciences organizations, she has been a leading entrepreneur in the Philadelphia region,” says Bill Schnell, CEO of PharmaTouch. “This makes her a great fit for the PharmaTouch agenda – which is to help pharma, bio-tech, and healthcare companies automate business processes and focus their energies on innovation.”

In addition to establishing marketing and business development functions at PharmaTouch, Derrico will be responsible for setting the direction for company communications and positioning the benefits of the PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform to the market. This software-as-a-service offering serves as a highly flexible foundation to support a wide range of complex compliant business requirements. These include speaker bureau management, healthcare professional screening, automated data management, cross-platform integration, and staff training.

“What we care about is the customer,” says Russ West, President of PharmaTouch. “With her experience and record of results, Ellen is helping us to drive that message home.”

“It is clear to me that the leadership team at PharmaTouch is committed to the market,” says Derrico. “Ahead of me is the challenge of building out our marketing organization and helping to lead PharmaTouch into the next phase of customer-focused growth. I’m delighted to take on this opportunity.”

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7/7/16 – PharmaTouch Acquires First Customer for PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau Management System

Streamlining Event Management and Logistics for Better Compliance

Chester, PA, July 7, 2016 – PharmaTouch announces the acquisition of its first customer for the PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system. This system will serve the growing needs of one of the leading speaker bureau agencies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Built on the PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau is a full-scale enterprise-grade solution that streamlines the activities of speaker bureau service providers. Deployed as a cloud-based portal platform, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau helps providers and pharma companies document and track all manner of meeting activities – from initial requests through reconciliation and aggregate speaker spend reporting.

PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau is designed from the ground up with compliance in mind – which is part of the reason the agency chose it. Workflows are configurable to align with the way individual organizations operate, while pre-built templates and components serve as a starting point to which speaker features, functions, documents, and workflows can be added. With secure cloud provisioning, the agency can access the solution anywhere, anytime – using it to streamline speaker bureau management and log all speaker-related activities in a clear audit trail for efficient reporting.

The agency chose PharmaTouch to replace an existing solution that was failing to fully meet its needs for a feature-rich, compliance-focused solution delivered with the flexibility of the cloud. “This project shows the value of the PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system to agencies that manage meetings and appearances for key opinion leaders in the pharma and biotech industries,” says Bill Schnell, CEO of PharmaTouch. “We look forward to helping companies everywhere meet similar challenges in the future.”

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11/1/15 – New Executive Leadership Team at PharmaTouch

From Thriving Consulting Business to Leading-Edge Technology Solution Provider

Chester, PA, November 1, 2015 – PharmaTouch has announced a new executive leadership team as part of the company’s transformation into a technology solution provider. Russ West, President of PharmaTouch, has joined forces with Bill Schnell and Tom Kohl who have joined the company as CEO and CTO respectively.

With more the 30 years of experience in the pharma industry, Bill Schnell brings to PharmaTouch a solid reputation for entrepreneurship in the Philadelphia area and beyond. “The new PharmaTouch leadership team is now in place,” Schnell says. “Building on a history of deep consulting expertise, our focus is now on bringing to market the new PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform.”

The PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform is planned as a software-as-a-service offering that includes sophisticated tools for business object modeling and process management. It will also serve as the foundation for a new set of PharmaTouch solutions that will help companies meet complex business requirements in the pharma, biotech, healthcare, and animal sciences industries.

PharmaTouch plans to build and deliver the following solutions on the PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform:

  • PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system – a full-scale enterprise-grade solution for speaker bureau providers to document and track meeting activities
  • PharmaTouch HCP Screening Portal – a self-service cloud solution to automate activities for screening doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals
  • PharmaTouch Automated ETL and Integration solution – a powerful engine for robust one-way and multi-directional integrations across systems to orchestrate data exchange and workflows
  • PharmaTouch Compliant Training solution – a cloud-based portal that will use gamification and other innovative approaches to teach compliance to employees throughout the organization

Tom Kohl brings to PharmaTouch 30+ years of technology experience in governance, risk, and compliance for the pharma and biotech industries. “Our goal with the PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform,” Kohl says, “is to use automation to help our customers minimize the risk, burden, and cost associated with compliance. This will help companies focus more of their energies on innovation and other value-added activities required to grow in today’s competitive markets.”

As President, Russ West is focusing his 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience on helping the company grow by steering customer business development and client engagements. “Our customers are excited,” says West. “The PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform gives them the flexibility needed to more effectively respond to a constantly changing compliance landscape. In the uncertain future ahead, this a very valuable thing indeed.”

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