7/7/16 – PharmaTouch Acquires First Customer for PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau Management System

Streamlining Event Management and Logistics for Better Compliance

Chester, PA, July 7, 2016 – PharmaTouch announces the acquisition of its first customer for the PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system. This system will serve the growing needs of one of the leading speaker bureau agencies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Built on the PharmaTouch CoreTouch Cloud Platform, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau is a full-scale enterprise-grade solution that streamlines the activities of speaker bureau service providers. Deployed as a cloud-based portal platform, PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau helps providers and pharma companies document and track all manner of meeting activities – from initial requests through reconciliation and aggregate speaker spend reporting.

PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau is designed from the ground up with compliance in mind – which is part of the reason the agency chose it. Workflows are configurable to align with the way individual organizations operate, while pre-built templates and components serve as a starting point to which speaker features, functions, documents, and workflows can be added. With secure cloud provisioning, the agency can access the solution anywhere, anytime – using it to streamline speaker bureau management and log all speaker-related activities in a clear audit trail for efficient reporting.

The agency chose PharmaTouch to replace an existing solution that was failing to fully meet its needs for a feature-rich, compliance-focused solution delivered with the flexibility of the cloud. “This project shows the value of the PharmaTouch Speaker Bureau management system to agencies that manage meetings and appearances for key opinion leaders in the pharma and biotech industries,” says Bill Schnell, CEO of PharmaTouch. “We look forward to helping companies everywhere meet similar challenges in the future.”

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